torsdag 10 november 2016

Polisattack mot MST:s skola

Mycket upprörande. MST:s nationella skola attackeras helt olagligt av polis
Police invades ENFF without search and arrest warrant
This morning, November 4th, 10 vehicles of the civil and military polices invaded the National School Florestan Fernandes (ENFF) in Guararema, Sao Paulo.
According to the reports, police officers arrived at around 9:25 am, closed the school gate and jumped over the reception window, shots into the air. The shards of collected bullets prove that none of them were rubber, but lethal.
At this moment, the police are in front of the ENFF. They have withdrawn and are awaiting for a prison warrant.
MST rejects the actions of Sao Paulo police and demands the goverment to take appropriate measures. We are a movement fighting for the access to land in the country, not a criminal organization. This incorrect action from the police wounds constitutional and democratic rights.
The operation in São Paulo comes from actions taken in two other states of Brazil: Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Civil Police executes arrest warrants against fighters of MST, replacing the thesis that social movements are criminal organizations, already rejected by many Human Rights organizations and even by sentences from the Supreme Court of Brazil.