onsdag 13 mars 2013

Right Livelihood Award (Ibland kallat alternativa Nobelpriset) ordnar en solidaritetsresa till MST efter alla mord på ledare

The RLA is organizing an international delegation to visit Brazil from April 1st to
5th. We are coming in solidarity with Brazilian human rights and social justice
activists who have experienced a horrifying increase in threats, murders and
property attacks in recent years.
Brazilian Right Livelihood Laureates are at the forefront of the struggle for
equitable control of land and resources, have suffered considerably. In 2013 alone,
the office of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT, RLA 1991) in Acre, Brazil was
attacked three times, and CPT leaders working on land redistribution issues in
conflict zones have received death threats. On January 25th, C�cero Guedes, leader
of the Landless Workers Movement (MST), which was awarded the Right Livelihood Award
jointly with CPT in 1991, was shot dead by gunmen. This violence and intimidation,
together with inadequate police investigation and frequent delays in judicial
proceedings, contribute to the sense of impunity prevailing in Brazil today.
To show our solidarity and support for MST, the 4 member delegation will be visiting
MST to participate in a public debate in Maraba, Para on April 2nd. On April 3rd -
4th we will take part in a camp in Maraba and a people�s tribunal with a popular
jury who will examine the cases of two leaders, Marisa and Jos� Claudio, who were
brutally murdered in 2011. Members of human rights organisations and government
agencies have been invited.
The RLA delegation will also take part in field visits to areas where conflict over
land and resources is ongoing in Para, so that the delegation has a better
understanding of the scope of the threats faced by rural workers.
The international delegation will comprise:
Marianne Andersson, former Member of Parliament, Sweden and Board Member, Right
Livelihood Award Foundation
Helen Mack, Right Livelihood Award Laureate 1992, Guatemala
Raul Montenegro, Right Livelihood Laureate 2004, Argentina
Angie Zelter, representing Trident Ploughshares, Right Livelihood Laureate 2001,

United Kingdom

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