måndag 26 september 2016

Petition om politiska fångar, MST

Detta är en petition om att släppa tre MST-ledare. Fängslandet är ett nytt bekymmersamt steg i kriminaliserandet av de sociala rörelserna i Brasilien efter kuppen. MST betecknas som en kriminell organisation.

Så här står det i brevet först, nedan petitionen

In order to make our Campaign more efficient, the proposed texts are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

You can choose your language below and among the attached files.

Coordination of the Goias Committee for Human Rights Bishop Tomás


Your excellence Marconi Perillo
Governor of Goias

Your Excellence Doctor Laurita Vaz
President of the Superior Court of Justice

Your Excellence Leobino Valente Chaves
President of the Justice Court of Goias

With a copy to

Through this letter, we would like to share our great concern with the recent surge in repression against Social Movements in Brazil, particularly in the State of Goias. It is of our knowledge that leaders and militants of the MST in the aforementioned State have been arrested and persecuted. Luiz Batista Borges has been serving time in jail since April the 14th of 2016, Jose Valdir Misnerovicz, a leader of international relevance, has been serving time since May the 31st, and  Lázaro Pereira da Luz since june the 15  since June the 15th. Other two militants are currently exiled.
It’s extremely concerning that people like them, who have a compromise with social justice and the Agrarian Reform, have been criminalized for the only reason of fighting for the conversion of lands that either are not productive, are in debt or had their property documents falsified, into areas of food production for thousands of small landless farmers.
Such repressive measures are unacceptable. Considering that context, respecting the Brazilian national sovereignty and understanding that the Human Rights are an international demand, we present our plea for the immediate liberation of the political prisoners associated to the MST in Goias and for the termination of agrarian reform’s criminalization in Brazil.

Best regards,

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