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Två mördade i Paraná

MST Communiqué: Military police and gunmen attack Landless families, murder two workers

Source: MST / The Dawn News / April 8, 2016

Last Thursday afternoon, families of the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) organized in the Dom Tomás Balduino Camp, were victims of an ambush by the State Military Police and private security forces of the logging company Araupel.

In this cowardly attack, promoted by the Military Police and Araupel's private security, were murdered rural workers Vilmar Bordim, 44, married with three children, and Leomar Bhorbak, 25, who left behind his wife who is nine-months pregnant. At least seven workers were also wounded, and two more were detained by the police to obtain declarations, and have already been released.

The camp, located in the municipality of Quedas do Iguaçu, in the state of Paraná, began being inhabited by approximately 1,5 thousand families in May 2015. It's located in the Río Dos Cobras property, which previously had been illegally occupied by the logging company. Justice declared, because of this fraud, that those lands were public and had to be destined to agrarian reform.

According to statements by the victims of the attack, there was no previous confrontation. When the ambush occurred, approximately 25 Landless Workers were traveling in a pickup truck, 6 kilometers away from the camp, within the perimeter that was declared public by the Brazilian justice. They were surprised by the police and security forces that were hiding.

Upon seeing them aggressively approach the vehicle, the Landless Workers ran towards the camp, running away from the endless shooting, to protect themselves.

The place where the ambush occurred was isolated by the police, who prevented the families of the victims, lawyers and journalists, to access the location, and threatening them. This behavior allows the police to destroy any sort of proof that may reveal the truth of this serious events.

The Military Police has created a climate of terror in the city of Quadas do Iguaçu, by appropriating the streets, fencing the police station and the hospitals of Quedas do Iguaçu and Cascavel where the wounded are being treated, and preventing the victims from making any type of contact with their families, lawyers or journalists.

This attack of the Military Police to the Landless, occurred two days after the visit of the Secretary of State, Valdir Rossoni, and the representative of the leadership of the Paraná police, on April 1, to Quedas do Iguaçu, where they issued the order to send a contingent of more than 60 police officers to the municipality.

The MST has been in the region for more than 20 years, and always acted in an organized and peaceful way to advance towards the agrarian reform, and claiming that the land should serve a social role. Only in the great estate that Arapuel had occupied, 3 thousand families were able to make a living.

The MST demands:

Immediate investigation, and imprisonment of the policemen and private security forces involved, and sentences for all of those responsible (executors and intellectual authors) of the crime against the Landless Workers
Immediate retreat of the military police and the security forces hired by Araupel.
Guarantees for the security and protection of the lives of all workers of the movement that are living in camps in the region.
That all of the land fraudulently appropriated by Araupel are destined to Agrarian Reform and occupied by the families.
To struggle, to build Popular Agrarian Reform!

State direction of the MST


Source The Dawn News / April 8, 2016.


Hello, I, as well as all comrades from the MST, am extremely indignant
due to the murder of two of our comrades from Parana. I’ll provide
some context so that everyone can understand what’s going on in
Parana: Last year, the MST occupied an unproductive territory, which the
logging company Araupel claimed ownership of., This was because the
Federal government, through INCRA (National Institute of Colonization
and Agrarian Reform) which is the main entity responsible for the
Agrarian Reform in Brazil, sued this company for being in an illegal
area, which means that this area is under a legal dispute. Therefore,
we, the MST, occupied the land last year.

Last week, there was a meeting with local authorities of the state of
Paraná. The meeting was between the government’s Security Secretary,
the Chief Commander of the local police, deputies and representatives
from Araupe. The meeting was allegedly convened to discuss safety issues
from this region. It’s important to explain to those that are not from
Brazil that those who control the police in the States are the
governors, and therefore, in this case, it’s the governor of Paraná,
member of the Social Democrat Party, the PSDB, an historic enemy of the
MST and of all left forces in Brazil. So, actually, he was in that
meeting planning the attack to our camp. And this action left two of our
companions death and more than six companions wounded, two were detained
and then they were released, but this has created a climate of terror in
the region. This is because this is an action commanded by the local
police, allied with the logging company in the region. That is why we
are so concerned and now we are analysing our next steps regarding what
has happened.


The fatal victims were comrade Leomar Bhorbak, 25, who left behind his
girlfriend who is 9 months pregnant, and comrade Vilmar Bordim, married,
father of three children.


Firstly, we must put this situation in the context of the national
situation. It’s important to say that coincidentally, on April 20,
years ago, there was a slaughter in Dorado do Carajá in the state of
Pará, it was also an action led by the state government of Pará, which
also belonged to the same party PSDB, and also in alliance with
landowners in the region. Twenty of our MST comrades were killed in the
slaughter. And what is even worse, is that the crimes committed against
the struggle for land, are protected by impunity, because so far none of
those responsible for this slaughter were sentenced, they are free on
the streets. This situation of impunity is also a reality that we want
to communicate to the international society.

Another thing I wanted to add is that this month we are also organizing
a day of struggle and mobilization throughout the country, calling for
justice, claiming that these crimes should not go unpunished and
therefore there will be a lot of fight this month and this will involve
several states of our country. And there are more crimes like the one in
Parana, recently there was a crime in the state of Paraiba and another
one in Bahía. There’s a persecution of social sectors by right-wing,
racist, reactionary, pro-coup sectors, which generates insecurity among
our country’s social activists.

The MST will continue the struggle. Tomorrow we will do a national event
in the city of Quedas do Iguacu, where the funeral of our colleagues
will take place and therefore we will be there, mobilized. We will
continue denouncing this crime. We are already in contact with the
federal government to send a force of the Federal Police so that they
can investigate this crime, so that the case can be handled in the
federal level. If it remains in the hands of the state government, with
its murderous police, we know that it’s not going to move forward and,
as always, these murderers and the masterminds will go unpunished.

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